Computer Q's
April 11, 2021 01:47PM
Hey all,

I'm currently running parallels on an older Mac and am about to bite the bullet on getting a new system. I'm looking to go back to PC and get some screen extensions (i.e. Xebec) to stay as mobile as possible.

Any input on PC's? I'm looking mostly for solid outdoor screen resolution and anything at this point will outperform my current setup and I'm also thrilled to get off working on one screen (I know that this may seem insane that I've been keeping to one small screen for so long).

Thanks for any input.

Re: Computer Q's
April 12, 2021 07:49PM
So you're looking at laptops or a desktop PC?

If going with a Laptop make sure that the screen will do 1920x1080 as a minimum. So may laptops out there right now, with crappy 1366x768 screens. You want your screens to have as high of a native resolution as you can get, and 1080 is the min. Gaming laptop are almost always a better way to go, but they are much more pricey so be prepared. smiling smiley

Good luck!
Re: Computer Q's
April 12, 2021 08:19PM
Thanks Rick,

Yea I'm looking for a laptop. I know that traditionally a home setup with a billion monitors would be ideal, but I'm learning toward a laptop for now with a double screener attachment for 3 screens and mobility.
Perhaps in the near future I'll dedicate the space needed for proper screens.

Appreciate the insight on the resolution - that is certainly something I've been looking into and at the top of the list. Also to be able to see things well when it's relatively bright out on a less than ideal moment of going through the work.

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