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Posted by Darcy3 
November 14, 2018 12:59PM
My trade today IS yep BA! Still there. I bought a 352.50 PUT @ 10:06 for $4.55. & 5 contracts. I have stayed longer in this trade than what I normally do because it has lower volume therefore it moves slower.

I'll share this;

I was asked "Why do you trade small charts?" Okay I know I see things a little different. That's me. But for me to trade larger charts makes no sense. I am a trader, a stock trader. If I trade larger charts I believe I should purchase the stock and then trade the stock I purchased. That makes me a Printing Press trader and a stock owner. I like the thought that before 4PM I have a few hundred in my pocket and I do not have to worry what may happen "in the world". I have my money collecting interest in the bank. So for me using larger charts (Daily and higher) I would need to invest in the market and my stomach just can't handle it.
Now I was asked, "What chart do you use to enter a trade?" Almost 100% of the time I watch 3 charts....1,3, and 8. I look at my 21, 34 and 55 to see if there is any reason not to enter. What keeps me out? Larger moving averages in the way. Those generally indicate resistance. They can signal support. Depending if I want to buy a PUT or CALL will depend on where those moving averages are located and if I have room to move. I also use gaps on my 8.

BTW I left BA when the bid hit $7.55
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