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Passing On The Knowledge

Posted by bryce3000 
Passing On The Knowledge
July 09, 2017 12:22PM
I have worked very hard over the past ten years in the fields of stocks(all of Gary's courses), real estate and businesses. I have learned ALOT. I will forget more than most will know in their life time. The whole reason I worked so hard was to succeed not just for me but to pass on the knowledge to my kids. To ensure that they never have to work. My net worth is in the millions and I want to ensure that wealth is not mismanaged by my kids. I had a epiphany the other day, my plan was to raise my kids to ensure they never had to work and could manage money. Yet tomorrow is not promised. I may not be here.

Therefore I wanted to mention a group partnership or mentor program where we pass on what we have learned to one another. I will share the secrets I have learned in all fields and of course it would be beneficial if you do the same. More importantly if something happens to us we make sure that we pass on the knowledge to our families to our kids. We become a close nit family and make sure we take care of one another.

I personally think it is a great idea. Together we can become stronger and make sure our families never have to work.

BTW I live in Charlotte, NC

PM me if interested.
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