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Thank you all for the private messages

Posted by Darcy3 
Thank you all for the private messages
August 07, 2020 09:24AM
I have returned currently to virtual trades to get my mind straight. S/O and I were married for many, many years and I know he would want me to push on. As you know most all our trade were fast and never held over night. We just wanted a bite out of what we saw and built from there. That is how I trade. I nibble. I have made since April in practice trades about $6,000 never using more than $1,500 and 1 trade a day. This includes 3 losses since that time. I am thinking I may return to real money AFTER THE ELECTION. I stay busy visiting my son and his family every few months in SC. He is now a Doctor of Divinity and his wife just finished college and will be teaching 8th and 9th grade algebra and geometry. My charts helped her on what she needed to present to her professors. One grandson finished his training on reading computers for automobile repair. He will be earning only $350.00 less a year than his mother who will be teaching. My other grandson is in the Civil Air Patrol and will have his pilots license before he is 16. I am doing better. See you all from time to time. And again thank you for all the private message. I did really need them. (BIG HEART PLACED HERE FOR YOU ALL)
Re: Thank you all for the private messages
August 09, 2020 03:51PM
Thanks Darcy for giving of a peak of how you've been doing.

Civil Air Patrol for the win. I'm a pilot and I love flying. smiling smiley Sounds like everyone is adjusting well to the new normal. Pleasure to have you back with us. smiling smiley

Re: Thank you all for the private messages
August 10, 2020 04:43AM
Yep grandson #2 has co-piloted and had a little help on landing. He loves it.
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