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I haven't been able to get back to trading

Posted by Darcy3 
I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 06, 2020 02:28PM
On Sept 30th 2019 my S/O left this earth. He was my soul mate, my happy place and my rock. I really haven't been able to move back into the market. My heart just isn't in it. Maybe someday but not now. Some of you may know that my S/O was a Vietnam Vet and was affected by Agent Orange. It destroyed his heart and gave him serious problems with his blood sugar. They are just finding out how bad this spray was on humans. No matter what he did his heart arteries would close and his sugar could never be regulated no matter how many shots or how much medication he took. Sept 26th he had to have surgery and it was too much for his heart. His sugar went sky high (above 500) and he was put in ICU. I was with him holding his hand when he left this earth. I just wanted to tell you why I haven't been here and why I don't know if I'll ever trade again. He is still the love of my life...always will be.

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Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 06, 2020 02:36PM
Darcy, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Thanks for sharing.
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 06, 2020 10:40PM
I pray you find emotional healing in such a hard time. I found this thread on WSB info a few months ago and have read your posts. I so appreciate the energy you have given this place. I remember reading about your S/O and originally thinking, what the heck is S/O, then saw you say significant other and referring to him as your S/O. I look forward to seeing you here on the threads sharing your wisdom. I know I think about your posts often as I am implementing WSB 1-5 and think back on your posts. Maybe you can find healing in easing back in a little bit. Maybe not. Be well and again, THANK YOU
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 07, 2020 03:57PM
Oh man....

So sorry to hear of this news. On Sept 30th he passed all the tests and got to see all the answers to life's questions. I hope you take comfort in knowing he isn't in pain any longer. He has a new heart and a new body with a renewed mind. He's all fit as a fiddle.

He as gone ahead to wait for you, but his message is, "don't be in a hurry to get here, just take your time... I'll be waiting".

Godspeed healing and comfort to you!

Ps. If you need cheering up, go watch some Fail Army videos on YouTube. Those things are so funny! smiling smiley
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 14, 2020 11:01AM
I'm so sorry Darcy. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please dont be a stranger and post on here, even if you arent trading. Many here enjoy thoughts you share and you are loved. I lost my mother a few years ago at a young age. The old saying is true, time helps heal all wounds.
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
February 24, 2020 09:57AM
Thank you for all the kind words. I do still watch the market. Trading gave S/O such joy especially when he came across his E. He loved the Q's and maybe someday I can return to trading. I know he would want me to...someday maybe. I will visit from time to time.
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
March 05, 2020 05:18AM
I am really lost for words.... You and S/O helped me see "the little things" in the world of trading. My wife and I often talk about my journey and how instrumental you all were in our success. I am one of the lucky ones. I had the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge from both of you. Those experiences helped catapult my trading to a level that I never imagined. S/O was one of the most kind, giving, sincere MEN I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. He had such a great sense of humor!

Your ability to analyze and teach concepts are genius. Please understand that you have unconditional support from so many people who care about you. I pray that you heal and eventually find your way back to trading. You have so much to offer. Take care of yourself and just know, you are truly lifted in prayer.
Re: I haven't been able to get back to trading
March 09, 2020 11:15AM
Oh Darcy I am so very sorry! You and your S/O have been instrumental in helping so many people. I would not be where I am today without you and him. You are so gifted in your teaching and it was such a pleasure to read about your gunslinger and his magic touch with the market. I know that this forum would be different without you and your blessing us.

You have all my thoughts and prayers and I know that if you ever needed anything, everyone would jump to be of assistance to you. To give back to you what you and your S/O gave to us. Trading is an individual thing, but community and family are here for you. We love you and honor your S/O
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