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some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here

Posted by lineage 
some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here
July 22, 2017 03:51PM
Hey everyone,

I came across Gary Williams 1-5 info recently..some old audio cd's and course book from a friend of a friend a long time ago. I have been studying the material and practicing for about 3-4 months now. There are a few things I seem to have the most trouble with. First off, Gary says you should follow no more than 5 expert stocks (fewer the better) and have a trading basket of i believe a maximum of 16. He also emphasizes the importance of trading in front of a known event/news item. With so few stocks we are supposed to follow, does anyone seem to have trouble finding news or events circulating around the stocks in their trading basket? My other issue i am running into is when doing calls/puts based on the news. It seems that most of the movement caused by a news event happens within the first trading hour...if lines are crossing on decision charts and we are to wait to get into a trade until after seeing a pullback on the action it seems that we will have missed most the move from the news item we are trading around... I know that I am missing something here and i am pretty new to all of this. Since this info is based off the original 1-5 back from 2002 I think I am safe to ask for some general pointers here without anyone having to violate an NDA agreement. I know he says the fewer stocks you follow the better, but i have also heard he then later says to follow more. The main issues I am having are in regards to being able to trade using the news. Aren't the markets faster paced than they were back in 2002 making the parameters he taught back then dated, or are the principles regarding dissemination of news to investors relatively the same? I am signed up for his class in August but I would love to hear others input in the meantime if there is anyone out there willing to share.
Re: some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here
July 22, 2017 06:08PM
Gary has changed the way he trades quite a bit since 2002.

He doesn't do anymore intraday stuff. No five minutes plays, no sling shot trades and no trades off 55 min charts. He also does not trade the news.... EVER!!!!
I said you were signed up for class in Aug. GOOD!!!... DO NOT TRADE THE NEWS!!! Don't worry about any of the intraday stuff he used to teach. He doesn't teach it any longer, because it's to much like a job,and the stress it a lot higher. Just don't mess around with any of that intra day stuff. Get to class and get the info right. Clear your mind of everything you think you know about the markets and trading and investing. If he isn't teaching it, you don't need to know it. Just clear your mind and learn to bake Gary's cake, his way.
Re: some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here
July 23, 2017 02:09PM
that is kind of what i was hoping to hear..the 55m charts have been driving me nuts and trying to do news plays the way he used to teach them didn't really seem to be getting me anywhere.Thank you for taking the time to respond, its good to see a good group of people out there that are familiar with what Gary teaches and willing to help each other. Definitely lots of mixed feelings it seems but i think its important to keep an open mind. I am looking forward to taking the class in August. Is the 1-5 book list or any of the daily practice stuff still relevant? I have read quite a few of them, was going to dive into profitable candlestick here shortly but i dont want to waste time on anything that isnt going to work with his system. just trying to read material and or practice in ways that would be more relevant to the way he is trading these days.
Re: some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here
July 24, 2017 08:52AM
There is a slightly different book list now. Mostly you want to you read what Gary calls, "mindset books". You can skip the ones about the stock market or books about the "technical" stuff. He will be your book about the stock market as he puts it. Like I said before, clear your mind about what you "think" you know about the markets and trading and investing. You'll do a lot better. If you try to take what you already know and add it to what he teaches it'll make you worse not better and your growth will take a lot longer. STOP watching financial media. Heck the news in general really. Local news is okay, but that mess from MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and CNN should be avoided. Basically any network that spends their day and night talking about politics should be avoided at all cost. smiling smiley

Often times there are people (like me years ago) that were trading and investing on their own for a bit, and then we take what Gary has taught and try to add it to what we were already doing. Usually you end up with a big mess when you do that, so don't. Many times Gary tells people NOT to do something and it turns out that is the very thing they ARE doing. Since they think they know better, they get frustrated with him and his system and go out of their way to prove him wrong, only to end up proving him right. Being overly consumed with Volume is one example that comes to mind.

My ONLY negative with the course has always been the amount of time Gary wastes with stupid stories about TFT, or some "Navy Seal" person that he has become friends with. I suppose that if I lied and said I was a Seal he'd want to be my friend too. But I won't tell that lie.

It just amazes me that there are so few living Navy Seals in this world today, yet you seem to bump into a new one at every social gathering. Sometimes I just have to call bulllshit. Hell even the man that started TFT was fully exposed for lying about being a Navy Seal. And all this crap about TFT being taught to Navy Seals is just that.... crap. Now I'm sure that there have been people in the "Seal community" that have gone to a TFT course on their own accord, but as far as the Dept of the Navy providing funding and training for TFT, again I have to call bullshit.

Oops... my apologies. I kinda got on a little soap box there for a moment. I'm sorry, back on topic now.. smiling smiley

Just don't worry about the old stuff anymore. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, it just means that the new stuff is better, and because it's not intra-day you don't have to babysit a trade. Like Gary says, he isn't done learning himself, so we aren't either.
Re: some questions on trading with Gary's system I have not seen covered here
July 24, 2017 06:01PM
I haven't heard much about TFT or anything in regards to the Navy Seal stuff Gary has done, but I can imagine he probably spends an extensive amount of time telling some kinds of stories. Even listening to the original 1-5 he spends an impressive amount of time completely off topic! haha. Somehow always finds a way to relate it back to the course though, at least it keeps things somewhat interesting as he piles on all the info!

And yeah I understand, most of what I have been doing up to this point in regards to the stock market has been related in some form to the information provided by Gary years ago. Glad to know that I don't have to pay attention to the talking heads on CNBC anymore! smileys with beer and not needing to babysit trades on the 55m chart will be super nice. I was always wondering how exactly he planned on transitioning away from that since from the way he used to teach it, the summertime trading zone represented a larger portion of the year and relied heavily on entries from the 55's. Glad to know we wont be needed those anymore...and removing the need to watch news for 2 hrs every night defiantly feels like it takes a huge weight off the course load.
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