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Call the weekly

Posted by ncptech 
Call the weekly
April 27, 2017 12:38PM
Does anyone have any tips to help with call the weekly? I'm pretty bad so far, any help would be appreciated.
Re: Call the weekly
April 27, 2017 02:10PM
I'd like to hear more on that as well.

I was hoping GW would have expanded more on it during class, but he felt it was better to spend another 18 minutes telling yet another long story. I paid for a stock market class and instead got 3 days worth of stories. I think everyone should spend more time talking about themselves. *heavy sarcasm in the previous sentence*

When Jesus taught using parables, the parables were very very short, and to the point. Always!!!!

While in class I thought back to the long stories that Jerry Clower used to tell as part of his comedy routine. When I was a young man I went to see Jerry Clower's comedy show. He would sometimes sprinkle in a moment or two of conversation about the markets. Sound familiar?

Also, the cost for an evening with Jerry Clower was much much cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, I love GW, and I'm doing well with the stuff he teaches. However, I'll always feel that the whole class could be taught on a Friday night, and not an ENTIRE weekend of your life you'll never get back.

If ya don't know who Jerry Clower is..... Google it!

Re: Call the weekly
April 27, 2017 07:03PM
Old GW student here(06 RTP and 07 DE class), someone recently showed me the "call the weekly" game in Alchem Charts, Im not 100% familiar with how he teaches now, but I got the gist pretty much. As far as "CTW" game on Alchem, it seems, what's the word for this, fairly stupid. Calling a W candle with no other information pretty much just comes down to heavy guess work. Plus thats not how we trade, we dont look at just one chart, there is so much information on the the D/377/233 charts that gives the Weekly information you would be missing out on. My advice, practice as you trade, use the alt-right key and play the call the weekly there, using the larger charts (D/377/233) to fill in the information gaps you would normally use if you were actually trading. My best on the CTW using just the weekly was never really above 50% (surprise-surprise) but using larger charts to fill in the info gaps and toggling one weekly candle at a time was north of 80%. Hope that helps, if not shoot me a message and Ill help as best as I can.

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Re: Call the weekly
April 27, 2017 07:49PM

Put in the time and use the tool (call the weekly game) on a regular basis....perhaps daily. I assure you will see an improvement as to when your likely to see a white candle or a red candle. There certainly is a relationship to how all the pieces fit together on the charts. A few things I had to get by on the call the weekly game: the idea of being wrong. When I initially started I was worried about having a low percentage because it meant that I was terrible at all of this. I then decided to move the statistics box to the bottom and out of range where I could see how I was doing over the course of the 100 candles. I believe that the box that gives you all that bs info is purely a distraction. All I need is a breakdown of how I did at the end to see how I am progressing. Secondly you need to limit how much time it takes you to get through 100 candles. You shouldn't be analyzing the chart every time a candle pops up. You need to take a second and then make a call, being overly analytical about it will drive you nuts simply due to the fact that so may times will have no technical rational to why a candle did what it did. Go with your first guess and move on. If you are wrong you are wrong. This will improve over time. Last....I do not use the doji or flat call while playing the game. My rationale behind that is this. If I am trading and I call a doji then I don't do the trade. If I am trading and say I dont know, then I don't do the trade. These are one in the same to me. If I have think it might be doji in the game I simply say it in my mind but use the space bar. That being said my percentages for call the weekly are generally in the 70-85% range. Granted you do have various charts that will pop up which just wreck you because they are all over the place...that is ok though because I wouldn't touch a chart like that in real life anyway.

Lastly I will agree with the above post that you should use the alt-right key a lot as this is going to be the way the candle looks when its actually time for you to push enter. All of the charts smaller than the W certainly do add to the information that pushes you into a trade however the W game serves a specific purpose...and that purpose certainly is not getting you into a trade on purely a Weekly candle call. I hope this helps.
Re: Call the weekly
April 28, 2017 08:19PM
GW absolutely forbids anyone from using the "call the weekly" game within Alchem Charts. He's tried to make it clear that he doesn't want students using the Call the Weekly game at all. He says it's broken and not built as intended.

The big reason was because you could call the weekly candle a Doji cause it will move less than 4 bucks and the program would count is as a white or a red candle and mark you as wrong when you weren't. Basically if the move it gonna be less than say 4 bucks or so, he would call it a Doji, and thus not mess with the trade because it might not be worth our time. Especially if we are using stocks that move. AlchemCharts would call it a red or white candle, and it would only call a true Doji a Doji, whereas Gary would consider a white candle that only moved up 2 or 3 bucks in a week a Doji. It's supposed to be helping to expand the "Art" part of this. I'm sure there may be other pieces added in as classes progress.

Boy, I hope all that made sense. smiling smiley

Fireman also makes a good point near the end, when he said calling the weekly as a specific purpose. Basically if you look at the weekly and see that it looks to probably be flat in slightly in the opposite direction then why bother. Just move on.

If you do insist on using the "Call the Weekly" game though, keep your own score on paper and count it up at the end. That way you can have your own rule about what a Weekly Doji candle is. In the example, anything less than a $4.00 weekly move would be considered a Doji. So if you called it a Doji and it moved up or down $3.50 for the week, you'd be right. Also you wouldn't have bothered even trying to trade it for that week. Make sense??
Re: Call the weekly
April 28, 2017 09:02PM
Thanks for the input... Although I have played the game, I was referring to practicing on real charts, and calling the weekly before a trade. I have been kept out of trades that I should have been in, and taken trades that I thought were going in the direction of the weekly candle that went against me. I have just added this piece to my trading and so far it hasn't worked out to well. Gary didn't talk about it much in class so I didn't know if anyone had any extra advise. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share in a public forum.
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