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Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms

Posted by baffled1 
Re: Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms hot smiley
October 25, 2015 04:16PM
Okay. Think I got it. Too bad you don't want short trades. Nobody else seems interested in seeing our codes here or helping to test and improve. So why clutter the thread, eh? PM'd ya.
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Re: Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms hot smiley
October 25, 2015 05:45PM
oh, it's not that i don't want short trades; it's just that i figured i'd start with long for purposes of proof of concept. so far, it's a weird thing but the combo only seems to work on SPY at 3 min. i peeked at EUR/USD and didn't see much promise. Nor did even QQQ look any good. And yet, going back to SPY, certain parts of the indicator combo work at 15 min in order to set up and confirm going to 3 min to trip the trade and yet, if one wanted to go for triple time-frame set up, the one-hour doesn't work with the set either. this does not make me happy. i'd gather the wider the applicability, the better, in terms of viability.
this week, i plan to follow as many of the signals as possible in real time. i mean, not to trade in real time, ha ha, but just to see if they unfold in real time as nicely as they seem to do in an eyeball of the past.
thanks for the PM. i'll look at that asap. gotta bunch of (real life) work coming up, so it might take some time.
thanks, as well, for starting this thread and helping keep it alive. i really can't blame anyone else for not joining in, if only because i've kept parts of the discussion hidden in PMs. OTOH, various of the charts are out in the open, so comments by forum members could have been made. guess they're not seeing anything worthwhile and maybe what i'm seeing is all in my head. hey, ya never know. stranger things!
Re: Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms hot smiley
November 05, 2015 11:40AM
Another simple idea. Facts and theory:
1. The Hi of a period represents the extreme of up enthusiasm
2. The Lo of a period represents the extreme of down enthusiasm
3. The Close of a period represents the market's settled opinion
4. In any (apparently) chaotic system, there is always at least one point of stability, represented here by the Close
5. The Hi is positive or neutral, with respect to the Close; The Lo is negative or neutral, with respect to the Close
6. So, generally, the closer the Close is to the Hi, the more likely it is that price will trend up, provided however that the Lo is not too far down; conversely, the closer the Close is to the Lo, the more likely it is that price will trend down, provided however that the Hi is not too far up
7. The Hi and Lo "act upon" the Close to determine "trend"
8. So, by assigning a positive value to the Hi, and a negative value to the Lo, and using a positive value for the Close, change in the sum of these values over time should represent "trend"
9. Item 8 above = TRUE (as plotted in EURUSD H1)
10. Application of various MAs also yields Item 8 = TRUE as crosses
declare lower;
def twoup = close-low+high;
input avg1 = 50;
input avg2 = 50;
plot SHOWtwoup = twoup;
plot avg1twoup = average(twoup,avg1);
plot avg2twoup = average(twoup,avg2);
the finger smiley
Re: Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms hot smiley
November 05, 2015 12:02PM
Comments on the above post are welcome. I've considered that the code might merely be re-stating the obvious, as already apparent in the direction of Price itself, ie, it might be a lagging or at best a lockstep indicator. But unlike an HLC average, the primary plot is made from discrete bars- not an average. And, on the micro level, behavioral change (flattening or opposing) from one bar to the next is usually a tell on the subject of a further bar. On the macro level, trend direction is always evident, and especially so when using an average. Anybody disagree?
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Alert in TOS
May 19, 2016 01:04PM
Baffled1, am I doing something wrong or maybe it just can't be done. I'm asking about the Waves you posted a while back in the forum. (I'll post it at the bottom.) My question is, like the other scripts, they either have an already built in Alert or you can set one through TOS. However, this perticular one after trying to set the alert up in TOS won't give me the complete option to create an alert. It gets all the way through and at the end before the ok button, the script is highlighted red. I've tried changing it to crosses, equal to or great than, false; I've tried them all and can't seem to set an alert with this script. So once again, am I doing something wrong or can it not be done?Thanks again for your brilliant work.

input price = close;
def length = -50;
def displacement = (length / 2) + 1;
def dPrice = price[displacement];

def tmp = if !IsNaN(dPrice) then Average(dPrice, AbsValue(length)) else tmp[1] + (tmp[1] - tmp
def tmp1 = if !IsNaN(price) then tmp else Double.NaN;

plot Data = tmp1;

Data.SetDefaultColor(color.yELLOW );
def pct=100;
input width=65;
def d=width/pct;
def d1=0.8*d;
def d2=1.05*d;
def d3=1.15*d;
def stdDeviation = Highestall("data" = AbsValue(tmp1 - price));
plot UpperLine = tmp1 + stdDeviation*d1;
plot LowerLine = tmp1 - stdDeviation*d1;

plot UpperLine1 = tmp1 + stdDeviation*d2;
plot LowerLine1 = tmp1 - stdDeviation*d2;
plot UpperLine2 = tmp1 + stdDeviation*d3;
plot LowerLine2 = tmp1 - stdDeviation*d3;

UpperLine1.SetDefaultColor(color.red );
UpperLine2.SetDefaultColor(color.red );
LowerLine.SetDefaultColor(color.green );
LowerLine1.SetDefaultColor(color.green );
LowerLine2.SetDefaultColor(color.green );

Re: Crazy ThinkScript Ideas and Other Platforms hot smiley
June 02, 2017 08:09PM
Here is the person who invented the Center of Gravity indicator, which optiontrader101 posted the TOS version of:


He provides key insight on how it's used. So, I think this may be the way to go when trying to figure out how it's used. Lately I've been experimenting with it in live time and I have found the best 5 min settings to be -50 and 75 width. I caught 2-3 great long entries so far (simulated).

-I caught MCD at 10:35am, 6/1/2017, long, 150.43
-I caught TSCO at 9:50am, 6/2/2017, long, 154.89

Note: I'm only practicing entries

It seems different price ranges may need a different width, so tweaking this thing may take some time. Since it repaints, it's something you have to do in real time and can't accurately backtest. My goal is to eventually use it on the 1min charts how the inventor intended it be used.

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