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5 Minute Trades

Posted by UpABuck 
5 Minute Trades
September 04, 2013 02:34PM
Does anyone do alot with the 5 minute trades on the OEX or the QQQ? I am just getting back into this and I've decided to try and master one strategy at a time. I have been practicing with the QQQ on the 5 minute and I'm having pretty good success with it. Just wondering if anyone else is using this technique.

Thanks for the help. I really enjoy reading everyone's posts.
Re: 5 Minute Trades
September 06, 2013 08:41AM
i do a at the open trade on the dow mini futures and the forex euro
Re: 5 Minute Trades
September 06, 2013 11:13AM
Just curious... do you make much off of the YM and 6E? I have never
Seen anyone consistently make anything long term. I'm not being negative
or disrespectful, just curious...
Re: 5 Minute Trades
November 20, 2020 12:56AM

sorry for the delayed reply. I haven't been on this site for at least a couple of years. Mainly because I kinda fewed it more for stock traders and I trade mostly futures. But, to your last questions. All(90%) I trade is the YM and NQ emini futures.

I've been able to find a couple of patterns around eco-reports and at the open to have success with the e-mini futures. feel free to PM me if you have questions.
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