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"I was happy with the info RTT provided." -- Jeremy, South Carolina -- January, 2019

"Thanks so much, Alice, you guys are the best, and I love your service!!" -- Greg, North Carolina -- September, 2018

"Thank You for this awesome site you have put together!" -- Matt, South Carolina -- January, 2018

"I started practice trading the two week trends from RTT at the beginning of November. Started with 100K and currently up over 20%. Not going to detail my trading techniques but simply state that I believe that one can profit nicely from the information that RTT provides." -- EARNINGS TRADER, on the Research Trade Forum -- November, 2017

"Hello, recent subscriber and loving the website" -- Tal, North Carolina -- January, 2017

"Great site. Great information." -- Robert, Tennessee -- August, 2016

"I really enjoy your service." -- Mike, North Carolina -- March, 2016

"You guys provide excellent services." -- Eugene, Singapore -- December, 2015

"I love your website. Really good solid trends." -- Lauren, New York -- July, 2015

"As always, thanks for continually providing superior service." -- Don, Pennsylvania -- July, 2015

"I really enjoy the site." -- James, Virginia -- June, 2015

"Love this service, please keep up the great work!" -- Greg, North Carolina -- February, 2015

"Thank you very much for your services. Truly Grateful" -- Pamela, Mississippi -- August, 2014

"I love this service!" -- Sammy, Virginia -- August, 2014

"I just joined your site and it's great! Keep up the great work!" -- Calvin, Maryland -- June, 2014

"Just want to say, once more, how valuable I think RTT's service is. I've watched a lot of traders get carried away with the minutia of technical indicators, charting software widgets, and worrying themselves about which stocks to trade among the thousands of possibilities. Trading life gets a lot easier, and more profitable, after spending just a little time studying the stock price trends and histories that RTT lays out each and every trading day. Great stuff, and I'm more than happy to pay your exceptionally reasonable rates to support your efforts." -- Don, Pennsylvania -- May, 2014

"Really like your site" -- Lee, North Carolina -- May, 2014

"Out of all the sites I have been to, this one is the most helpful. Great stuff!" -- Roger, South Carolina -- April, 2014

"I love your service - I am very happy to have found your website. Good stuff!" -- Lauren, New York -- February, 2014

"This has to be the most educational site/forum out there...especially because of the live samples you guys provide...

I'm a GW 1-5, advanced and RTP...but I still suck at this...I will learn to do this whatever it takes...but you guys are just the best help I have seen ever.

Thanks sooooo much for sharing." -- willnotquit, on the Research Trade Forum -- February, 2014

"Your website is great. I will continue to refer it to others." -- Etienne, Nevada -- December, 2013

"I appreciate your help and your service....good stuff!" -- Bill, North Carolina -- November, 2013

"RTT is the some of the best dollars to spend! You get sound facts - not opinions or what you want to see. You see what actually happened 1, 2, 3, or more years ago - during the exact same window of time." -- rookie30, on the Research Trade Forum -- August, 2013

"RTT is an excellent service!" -- Walter, Virginia -- July, 2013

"I've been with RTT for a long time and couldn't be happier with their services. Before RTT, my trading was all over the place and my results were mediocre at best. I was spending all my time trying to find the next big thing and staying stressed out. After joining, I became more focused and confident in my trading and as a result my trading made a dramatic turn to the upside. So, I can relate to those who say RTT changed their life." -- zfactor, on the Research Trade Forum -- May, 2013

"RTT saves me a TON of time. It is easy to take for granted what this site does for us...Before I found RTT, I was...spending hours and hours, trying to find trends. I was being worn out...

Also, RTT gives me a forum to learn from successful traders who trade under the same basic foundation. [Without RTT], I would have NOT had the opportunity to learn from seasoned traders such as Darcy and others." -- rookie30, on the Research Trade Forum -- March, 2013

"You guys are doing a great job. I like all the new stuff. You even look like you have something like Parabolic Sar going on there! This is a great site and well worth the $'s. Glad I found you." -- Darcy, on the Research Trade Forum -- February, 2013

"I have been a subscriber to Research Trade Technologies for over three years now and I love the service." -- Brendan, New York -- February, 2013

"I've been trading since 2003, and have been a subscriber since Aug. 2010. Can't tell you how excited I was to see you appear in Web space, and how much research time you save me." -- Don, Pennsylvania -- January, 2013

"I am recommending you to everyone I know who trades either stocks or options. The old adage that "history always repeats itself" should be your mantra. When you combine your historical information with classic technical chart analysis the number of winning trades increases dramatically. Keep up the good work!!" -- Guy, Florida -- January, 2013

"Your product and services have been great." -- Mathew, Texas -- January, 2013

"Your service is excellent." -- Barbara, Texas -- January, 2013

"I really like your service & please keep up the great work!!" -- Greg, North Carolina -- December, 2012

"Our compliments on your very informative site." -- Barbara & Bill, Texas -- October, 2012

"I will say this...........in the last 8 years this is the hardest market I have yet to see. Thank goodness for RTT!" -- Darcy, on the Research Trade Forum -- September, 2012

"I really enjoy your service." -- Joe, Canada -- September, 2012

"I do enjoy using your program and find it most helpful...Thanks again for your many, many helps on the trends." -- Doug, Georgia -- April, 2012

"I must say I just love this service." -- Cathey, Nevada -- March, 2012

"Newbie member lovin' your site!!" -- Lauren, New York -- February, 2012

"Love your site." -- Katheleen, North Carolina -- February, 2012

"RTT's research has given me more confidence to trade without fear. My trading strategies and research on each stock has changed and have become more thorough. This site has become the foundation to my selection of stocks to trade." -- rookie30, on the Research Trade Forum -- February, 2012

"Loving RTT !!" -- MTut, on the Research Trade Forum -- February, 2012

"Thank goodness for my Briefing.com and RTT. Love you RTT!!!!" -- Darcy, on the Research Trade Forum -- February, 2012

"Thank you very much. I have found your website very useful." -- Mark, North Carolina -- January, 2012

"May God bless you guys many times over for all the time, effort, hard work and dedication you put in to this service! Have a happy and blessed 2012" -- Mike, North Carolina -- January, 2012

"You guys are awesome! Thank you!" -- Elizabeth, Virginia -- December, 2011

"I do appreciate your service. It has been of great value to me." -- Doug, Georgia -- November, 2011

"Just clicked on AKAM 1 week trend "details" and the new window popped up with chart and etc.. Way to go! I think you all have an excellent thing going with researchtrade.com and am very satisfied as a customer. Keep up the good work!" -- Matt, Tennessee -- October, 2011

"It's an excellent service" -- Barbara, Texas -- October, 2011

"Once again, great service you guys provide, please keep up the exceptional work!!" -- Greg, North Carolina -- August, 2011

"Good service....just made a great trade and $$$$ based on your 1 week trade research" -- Craig, South Carolina -- May, 2011

"I L-O-V-E....love, love, love RTT! The time it has saved me is phenomenal! I have made numerous trades with the information I have gotten from them. All of these trades have been profitable. I will be with this group until they decide to STOP which I hope is long AFTER my demise! I have used it on several trades always referring back to my buy and sell signals." -- Darcy, on the Research Trade Forum -- April, 2011

"I really like your research service. The information you provide will give me an added confidence in my trading." -- Brock, North Carolina -- April, 2011

"My ResearchTrade stock portfolio is up 38.83% in the last 7 months!" -- Lenny, North Carolina -- February, 2011

"Boom! 5% on AEO in 3 days - thank you RTT!" -- Lenny, North Carolina -- January, 2011

"I like your service." -- Duane, New York -- December, 2010

"Many thanks for your service!!!! I just found out about your site a few days ago and have enjoyed confirming some of my research from the past five years.." -- Jack, North Carolina -- October, 2010

"Have really enjoyed your research." -- Josh, Georgia -- October, 2010

"Thank you for your awesome service. I love your website." -- Steve, South Carolina -- October, 2010

"I subscribed to your service on 9-17 and have been studying and practice trading since then. I made my first real money trade today with 18+ % return in less than 5 hours.

I do appreciate your service and highly recommend it to to anyone who wishes to have a good foundation for trading trends." -- Doug, Georgia -- October, 2010

"I have paid a lot more than the cost of this and gotten absolutely nothing in return. I highly recommend your services.

I am looking forward to your info each and every day." -- Doug, Georgia -- September, 2010

"I am a fairly new subscriber and am already seeing a difference in my trading. Thank you again for this fabulous web site." -- Yvette, North Carolina -- August, 2010

"Hello - I love your service! Thank You!" -- Gretchen, California -- July, 2010

"Love the site!" -- Eric, California -- July, 2010

"I just signed up for your service AWESOME! I manage money professionally. Ive used lots of services and this one I think has the potential to be one of the greatest values yet.....Combining your research with all my other tools is going to be a great blessing...I appreciate you great job." -- Bill, North Carolina -- June, 2010

"I just recently subscribed to your service, this is awesome." -- Cathey, Nevada -- June, 2010

"Thanks for the prompt response, you all are providing a great service." -- Jeremy, Colorado -- May, 2010

"Great service!" -- Greg, North Carolina -- April, 2010

"I just wanted to say thank you! This website is great and it's helping me reclaim my life. I was really at a low point and then I stumbled across it in a forum. Your work really makes a difference. Keep it up!" -- Earl, New York -- April, 2010

"Thank you for your website. It has become a checkpoint in my trading..." -- Matt, Tennessee -- April, 2010

"I just signed up for your service and I think its going to be a huge help for me. I look forward to taking some trades based off your research and my entry point rules in the near future." -- Michael, North Carolina -- March, 2010

"I love your site! Your data is very helpful." -- Jodie, Virginia -- March, 2010

"I have been subscribing to your website for a couple of months now and love the site." -- Brendan, New York -- March, 2010

"Thank you for the service." -- Ken, South Carolina -- February, 2010

"I love your service!" -- Elizabeth, Virginia -- January, 2010

"Thanks for offering a great service; I really like the addition of the Best Trends." -- James, Pennsylvania -- January, 2010

"Your infomation looks very similar to the Earnings research i have been doing - i really like your format though!" -- Carolyn, Virginia -- January, 2010

"Really like your site." -- Troy, North Carolina -- January, 2010

"I just signed up for your services yesterday and I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful service and a wonderful website. I used the information from your website and was in 2 winning practice trades today (as I always paper trade when first using a new method just to ensure it works and to gain my confidence in the method) and this was just my first day of looking at your historical trends!!"

"Once again thank you for the excellent service that you are providing and if my success with your service continues I will definitely be spreading the word of your website to some of my fellow trading friends." -- Gary, North Carolina -- October, 2009

"I noticed the Median [Return] earlier today. Looks good, and is already helping with my analysis. BTW, I made some money on the expected dip earlier this month with DO." -- Stephen, North Carolina -- October, 2009

"I am up and running, and I like what I see." -- Ed, Wisconsin -- October, 2009

"I want to thank you for what you do. I subscribed about a week ago and have already made 3 profitable trades based on your information and the current chart evidence." -- Manny, Virginia -- September, 2009

"I really like the new research trade feature [Stock and Index Outlooks]. It's a nice indicator to have to be able to quickly reference the markets 1/2/4 weeks past performance." --Shawn, North Carolina -- September, 2009

"Thank you for this service....it is great." -- Hugh, Virginia -- July, 2009

"Trade with Knowledge, Trade with Power"

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